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Discover content on the focus topics of drive transformation, lightweight trend, sustainability and CO2 neutrality and young talent at EUROGUSS.

The picture shows a die-cast part that was presented at EUROGUSS.

Transformation of the drives

Which drive will move us in the future? This question preoccupies the die casting industry, because the automotive industry is the most important customer for die cast products.

In the picture you can see a sheet, which was made by die casting.

Lightweight trend

Lightweight construction is the key to success. Especially car bodies offer opportunities to save weight. The goal: to replace as many parts as possible with one large cast die-cast part.

The picture shows a die-cast part against a green background.

Sustainability & CO2-neutrality

Sustainability is not just a social trend: political initiatives, increased awareness of environmental and climate protection as well as international agreements and binding targets are setting the direction.

The picture shows spectators of a lecture.

Young talents

There is a shortage of skilled workers in the die casting industry. This shortage will continue to worsen in the coming years and can have a negative impact on entire production and supply chains.

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