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Overview of the die casting process
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Discover the exhibitors at EUROGUSS 2024 along the entire manufacturing process of die castings

melting and raw materials

Step 1: Melting and raw materials

Overall, melting furnaces are indispensable components of the die casting process. They enable the precise melting of casting materials and alloys - the basis of high-quality products.

Die casting process

Step 2: Die casting process

The die casting process is a complex combination of technology, precision and efficiency. Every detail plays an important role in the production of high quality metal parts.

Heat treatment / Finishing

Step 3: Heat treatment / Finishing

Important steps in improving the quality and performance of metal parts include heat treatment and post-processing of die castings.

quality assurance

Step 4: Quality assurance

Precision is essential in the die casting industry, which is why quality assurance and quality control play a major role.

Further process of casting

Step 5: Further processing of castings

Machining of castings is essential in the process of die casting, which optimizes the quality and functionality of the produced parts.

Die casting product

Step 6: Die casting products

The high demand for die castings is due to their versatile properties, especially their strength and precision.

Process development

Step 7: Process development

Efficiency and quality through process planning and development in die casting. Industry 4.0 concepts and research are key to the industry's promising future.

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