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Die casting products
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Step 6: Die-cast products

Versatile application areas of die-cast products in various industries



Die cast products have established themselves as essential components in a wide range of industries. The precision, strength and versatility of these products make them a preferred choice for various applications, customers and specific application areas.
The automotive industry is increasingly relying on die-cast products, especially in the area of bodywork and structural casting. Lightweight construction and safety are key factors here. Die-cast components contribute to weight reduction without compromising on strength. These products are used in frames, suspensions and safety structures.
In the chassis area, die-cast products contribute to precise control and improved handling. Die-cast steering and suspension components provide an optimal combination of strength and flexibility to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience.
The powertrain is another key area where die-cast products come into their own. Transmission housings, differential covers and other components are made from high-strength die-cast alloys to ensure efficient power transmission and durability.
With the transformation to electromobility, die-cast products are also gaining importance in this area. Electromobility requires lightweight yet robust components for electric motors, battery housings and chargers. Die-cast alloys developed specifically for these applications offer an ideal balance between strength and weight, which helps to improve the range and efficiency of electric vehicles.
In addition to the areas mentioned, die-cast products are used in numerous other applications in the automotive industry. The precision and adaptability of die-cast products made of aluminium, zinc and magnesium enable customised solutions for the diverse requirements of the industry.
In mechanical and plant engineering, die-cast products play a crucial role in optimising industrial processes. They are used in housings for machines, hydraulic components, pump housings and other applications that require a combination of robustness and precision.
Die-cast products support the power engineering industry with components for turbines, generators and other power engineering applications. These are made from high-strength die-cast alloys to meet demanding requirements.
In medical technology, precision and quality are of utmost importance. Die-cast products are used in medical equipment such as X-ray machines, CT scanners, housings for medical instruments and many other applications where the highest quality standards are required.
Die-cast products are also used in building services and sanitary engineering to provide durable and reliable solutions for everyday use. Fittings, housings for electrical systems and heating components or connectors for the smart home are examples of applications in this area.
In sports and lifestyle products as well as miniature electric vehicles, die-cast products provide the desired combination of design and functionality. From sports equipment and outdoor products to miniature electric vehicles, these products help create modern and efficient solutions.
In the agricultural and forestry sector, as well as in gardening tools, robust and durable components are needed. Die-cast products meet these requirements and are used in applications such as agricultural machinery, forestry equipment and gardening tools.
The aerospace and maritime industries require the highest quality standards and performance. Die cast products prove themselves in this regard in applications such as engine components, electronic system housings, instrument housings and structural parts that must withstand the demanding environments
Summary: The wide application of die cast products in various industries illustrates their versatility and performance. From automotive to aerospace, medical to agriculture and more, die-cast products offer customised solutions that meet the demanding requirements of different industries. Thanks to advancing technologies and continuous innovation, die-cast products will continue to play a key role in the modern manufacturing landscape.