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Melting and raw materials
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Step 1: Melting and raw materials

Efficient melting furnaces in die casting: casting materials, alloys and sustainability



Melting furnaces play a central role in the die-casting process, an important method of metal processing. In this process, casting materials such as aluminium, magnesium or zinc are melted down and processed into high-quality products.  

The choice of the right casting material and alloy is crucial for the quality of the end products in die casting. Aluminium alloys are particularly widely used as they offer an ideal combination of low weight and high strength. Magnesium alloys are ideal for applications where low weight and good mechanical properties are required. Zinc alloys are characterised by their corrosion resistance. 

Modern melting and holding furnaces are equipped with advanced technology to ensure precise temperature control during the melting process. The use of induction or gas heaters enables efficient heating of the cast materials, resulting in improved energy efficiency. Holding furnaces ensure that the molten metal is always maintained at the optimum temperature during the casting process to produce high quality castings. 

An important aspect in the casting industry is the recycling of metals. Melting furnaces play a key role in this as they enable the melting of recyclable metals. By using recycled metals as a secondary component in the alloys, the consumption of primary resources can be reduced. This promotes a closed loop and contributes to sustainability in the casting industry. 

Summary: Overall, melting furnaces are indispensable elements in the die casting process. They enable the precise melting of casting materials and alloys, which in turn form the basis for high-quality products. Advances in technology have led to improved energy efficiency and precise temperature control. At the same time, melting furnaces contribute to sustainability by promoting the recycling of metals and reducing the use of primary resources. In an increasingly resource-conscious world, melting furnaces thus play a crucial role in the production of high-quality products.

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