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Step 3: Heat treatment and casting post-treatment

Die casting machining: Focus on quality, precision and innovation



The heat treatment and finishing of castings plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality castings and components. In this process step, we highlight the most important aspects, including furnaces and furnace accessories, peripherals and post-treatment, operating materials and consumables, environmental technology, recycling and sustainability.
Selecting the right furnaces and furnace accessories is critical for effective heat treatment. Modern furnaces provide precise temperature control and uniform heating to optimally treat castings.
Highly specialised peripheral equipment is essential for optimal finishing of castings. Grinding machines, deburring presses and CNC machining centres form the backbone of this crucial phase. With their help, castings can be precisely cut to the desired specifications and surfaces refined to the highest quality level. Precision finishing is essential to ensure that the final products meet the highest quality standards.
Heat treatment and finishing of castings can be resource intensive, but sustainability is at the heart of modern industry. Environmental techniques such as waste heat recovery and exhaust gas cleaning are steps to minimise the environmental footprint. 
Summary: Heat treatment and finishing of castings in the die-casting process are crucial steps to maximise the quality and performance of metal parts. By using modern furnaces, high-quality peripheral equipment and environmentally friendly practices, companies can not only produce first-class products but also fulfil their environmental responsibilities. The combination of quality and sustainability is key to the successful production of die-cast parts.

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