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Further processing of casting
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Step 5: Further processing of castings

Further processing of castings in die casting: innovation and sustainability



Further processing of castings is a crucial step in the die casting process that optimises the quality and functionality of the manufactured parts. This step covers various aspects of the further processing of castings. 
Joining and connection technology plays a decisive role in the assembly of castings into complex assemblies. Precise welding techniques, bolting techniques and adhesives ensure a stable and permanent connection of the parts. These techniques are critical to the integrity of the final products.
Additive manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, are revolutionising the further processing of castings. They enable the production of add-on parts, brackets and special components without the need for elaborate tools or moulds. This shortens development times and opens up new possibilities for customised solutions.
The selection of the right operating materials and consumables is crucial for the further processing of castings. Lubricants, coolants and welding materials must not only be efficient, but also environmentally compatible. Modern formulations and processes minimise resource consumption and contribute to sustainability.
Environmental technology is playing an increasingly important role in the further processing of castings. The efficiency of heating and cooling processes and the recovery of energy and materials are key aspects. 
Summary: The further processing of castings in die casting is a key process that ensures quality and functionality. By integrating innovative technologies and environmentally friendly practices, companies can not only produce high quality products but also contribute to sustainability. This helps to shape a better future for the industry and the environment.

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