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Step 4: Quality assurance

Quality assurance in die casting: Shaping the future through digitalisation



Precision is crucial in the die casting industry, so quality assurance and control play an important role. To ensure that the castings produced meet the highest quality standards, modern testing methods such as X-ray, ultrasound and non-destructive testing are used. The use of sophisticated measurement technology ensures accurate monitoring of dimensional accuracy and surface finish. In an increasingly digitalised world, innovative technologies play a key role in optimising this step of the process.

Modern technologies, such as automated measuring systems and imaging processes, enable precise and efficient quality control. In this context, digitalisation has fundamentally changed quality assurance in die casting. Through the use of sensors and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, process data can be recorded and analysed in real time. This enables early defect detection and correction, which improves product quality and minimises downtime.

Digitalisation also enables the introduction of predictive maintenance technologies. These systems continuously analyse data from machines and plants to predict potential failures. This allows maintenance work to be planned in a targeted manner to prevent unexpected downtime.

Optical inspection methods, such as image processing, use high-resolution cameras and specialised software to capture and evaluate the finest details. This enables fast and precise quality control, even for complex components.

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