Talent, Take the Stage!
3/14/2024 Young talents News

Talent, Take the Stage!

Excitement, nervousness and innovation: for the third time, the EUROGUSS Talent Award honored graduates for their bachelor's and master's theses in die casting. In January 2024, the finalists were on site in Nuremberg to present their research results.

Award ceremony at the EUROGUSS Talent Award 2024.
Award ceremony at the EUROGUSS Talent Award 2024: (from left to right) Christopher Boss, Michael Moodispaw, Neelima Gottumukkala, Dariusz Miersch, Danny Rhode with presenters Franz-Josef Wöstmann and Theresa Spangler.
The competition is aimed at young talents from all over the world who deal with die casting and its value chain in their theses. The theses should not only demonstrate theoretical knowledge, but also provide practical added value for the industry. This year, many international students have applied for the Talent Award. The exciting thing: the works show that ideas and topics are being picked up globally, in some cases at the same time.
Stage and audience at the EUROGUSS Talent Award 2024.
The Talent Award ceremony will take place on site at EUROGUSS. In 2024, four out of five finalists were in Nuremberg to present their research results to the specialist audience.

Important: scientific depth and industrial relevance

Applying for the EUROGUSS Talent Award is very simple: all applicants have to do is submit an abstract of their bachelor’s or master’s theses. An international jury of industry and research representatives evaluates the submissions, invites the candidates to a pitch and then selects the finalists.

“Of course, a certain scientific depth is very important, but industrial relevance is also particularly crucial,” says Dirk Lehmhus, jury member and senior researcher at Fraunhofer IFAM. “It must be clear that the thesis can also be put into practice and can actually deliver an economic benefit.”

Presentation to the EUROGUSS trade audience

But before the award ceremony, the five finalists – Neelima Gottumukkala, Michael Moodispaw, Danny Portillo, Danny Rhode and Dariusz Miersch – will present their work once again. This means: stay calm, make your way to the stage and present your research results not only to the jury, but also to the EUROGUSS 2024 trade audience. 

EUROGUSS Talent Award 2024

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Danny Rhode on stage at the EUROGUSS Talent Award 2024.
Danny Rhode convinced the jury with his work on a mold cooling concept for die casting molds.
Rhode from the University of Kassel was chosen as the winner of the Talent Award 2024 with his work on an innovative mold cooling concept for die-casting molds. What tip does Rhode have for interested applicants? “Definitely give it a try,” replies Rhode. “It was a very interesting selection process because you also saw the other projects.”

On site in Nuremberg, the expert audience also voted for the Audience Award, which Gottumukkala won with her work on the detection of release agents on die-casting tools using LIPS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). “It was the first time I had stood in front of such a large audience,” she said after her presentation. “Thanks to the EUROGUSS Talent Award, I was able to face my fear – and that was so cool.”
The EUROGUSS Talent Award is organized by the international trade fair for die casting EUROGUSS and sponsored by Bühler, GF Casting Solutions and Magma. Find out more about the conditions of participation and jury members.
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