Groundbreaking for Megacasting Project
4/25/2023 Company News News

Groundbreaking for Megacasting Project

The die casting industry is developing rapidly and megacasting is seen as a promising technology for casting large parts. This makes the process particularly interesting for the automotive industry. Handtmann, a German supplier of light metal components, is celebrating the groundbreaking for its megacasting project in March 2023.

Groundbreaking ceremony with a group of people

Megacasting is a manufacturing process in which several components are combined into a single die-cast part. This requires the use of a large casting machine with high clamping force to produce complex parts. This makes megacasting attractive for various industries, especially the automotive industry.

"On the way to a mega-strong future"

Handtmann Unternehmensgruppe manufactures light metal castings and system components for the automotive industry, among others. For production in Biberbach, the supplier is investing in a die casting system, the Carat 610 extended, from Swiss technology provider Bühler. The two-platen die casting machine meets the requirements for clamping force and shot weight to produce large structural components, for example underbodies of cars. 

The groundbreaking ceremony for the megacasting project took place on 10 March 2023. Preparatory work for the conversion of the production hall already began in mid-December 2022, during which a permanent mould casting system was relocated and the logistics areas were moved.

Handtmann Service GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for all construction and building-related measures. Scherr + Klimke AG was responsible for the general planning of the construction, building and supply engineering, and Max Wild GmbH provided support in dismantling the facilities and the hall.

The dismantling of the facilities and the hall will continue until the beginning of May, so that the relocation of the supply and building services and the construction of the new floor slab can be completed. The conversion is to be completed and the new die casting plant delivered in the same year.

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