Automated casting designed for diverse requirements
5/23/2023 Technology & Processes News

Automated casting designed for diverse requirements

The SHW Group, an automotive supplier of brake discs, has commissioned casting machine manufacturer ItalPresseGauss to develop and install an automated gravity die casting cell that will grow capacity and add production flexibility.

Mould casting cell from casting machine manufacturer ItalPresseGauss

The SHW Group has been manufacturing brake discs since 1954 and says it supplies luxury car manufacturers with around four million brake discs a year. The supplier is "constantly looking for manufacturing options that deliver the type of manufacturing flexibility essential for servicing such a dynamic marketplace." The reason for this, he says, is the electrification of many customers.


The mould casting cell from casting machine manufacturer ItalPresseGauss meets the requirements that automotive suppliers have for flexibility, productivity and quality continuity, he said. "(...) For us, boosting production capacity and achieving efficiency gains cannot come at the expense of these high standards. (...)", says Matthias Aust, Plant Manager from SHW Group.

Man with robotic gripper

Every element fully automated


The gravity die casting machine compromises gravity die casting machines, furnaces, different ladles, trolleys and process robotics. From the moment the ring is positioned for pre-heating, every element of the casting process through to final part extraction, transfer and cooling, is completely automated.


The solution also supports fully integrated digital tracking for production traceability and quality control. The new system produces discs of different weights and metallic compositions on the same cell. It also features specially designed robotic grippers that adapt to different component shapes and sizes.

"Ergonomically automated"

The system is ergonomically designed so that any human intervention - from system control to maintenance checks to furnace changes - is simple and quick. Electrics and energy feeds relating to different cell zones are clearly colour coded. This facilitates the work of maintenance teams. All operational and furnace heating controls are also located in a compact area, minimizing unnecessary movement for line management personnel.


Marco Giegold, Area Sales Manager at ItalPresseGauss, comments: "We first started working with SHW back in 2016. Since then, our relationship has gone from strength to strength - our engineers and support team working closely with SHW experts to review casting requirements and implement appropriate solutions. We are thrilled that SHW entrust us to keep delivering innovation that allows them to do the same for their customers.”

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