Dirk Seckler: "Innovative ability is the key to market success"
8/24/2023 Markets & Industries Sponsored Article

Dirk Seckler: "Innovative ability is the key to market success"

The Handtmann Group has developed from a medium-sized company in Upper Swabia into an international technology company. It is still a family business today. Dirk Seckler has been Managing Director at Handtmann for three years. In this interview, Seckler tells us what makes the company tick, how it deals with changes in the market, and how sustainability and profitability can be reconciled.

Dirk Seckler

Mr Seckler, what lies behind the wording "Ideas with a future"?

Dirk Seckler
: The basis for our daily activities for 150 years. It is a promise that we make not only to our customers but also to our employees. We want to constantly expand our thinking and acting, because: A sharpened ability to innovate is the key to market success. The changes in the automotive industry and the emergence of the transformation process, which has rapidly gained momentum, cannot be overlooked.

We believe that the coming years will be very challenging. However, the past months are also proof that Handtmann is valued as a reliable partner. We can build on this solid foundation to emerge stronger from this process of change.

Keyword change processes: There is a lot going on in drive technology at the moment. How do you address this?

: Business and technical development have become increasingly important for us to be prepared for all future drive technologies. In view of this radical change, it is essential not only to strengthen our ability to innovate but also to bring new products to market that allow us to participate in the transformation, such as the rear axle carrier. 

Our expectation of ourselves is that we continuously develop our innovative capacity, especially in the areas of organisation and production, in close cooperation with our customers.

What is the "Green Foundry" in Slovakia all about in that regard?

: Our strategy includes another, central element: sustainability. We have set ourselves ambitious goals and, together with our partners and customers, we want to significantly reduce energy and water consumption as well as waste along the value chain. At our "Green Foundry" in Kechnec, Slovakia, we have installed the latest, most technologically efficient equipment and an energy-saving heating and cooling concept.

In addition, the plant will be 100 per cent free of process wastewater. We have thus built the most technologically advanced foundry in Europe, setting new standards in sustainability. We are very proud to have achieved this combination of environmental protection and economic efficiency.

What's next, Mr Seckler?

: After 150 years of success, we are ready and determined to continue on the path as an innovative development and technology partner, enriching our customers and the market with our solutions and competencies. We know that there are challenges ahead, but we are determined to work together and support each other to achieve our goals.

With hard work, commitment, and a positive attitude, we are confident that we can create a better future for ourselves and our organisation. We are excited to see what we can achieve together and look forward to celebrating our successes along the way. Here's to many more years of ideas with a future! 

This interview is sponsored by Handtmann Group

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