Onsite and Online Perfectly Linked: EUROGUSS 365
9/29/2022 EUROGUSS Family News

Onsite and Online Perfectly Linked: EUROGUSS 365

Times are changing and the channels of the EUROGUSS family are also moving forward: SPOTLIGHTMETAL, the international online platform for the entire value-added chain of light metal casting, will now become EUROGUSS 365. Here, interested parties will find first-hand technical articles, interviews and important industry news, bundled on a single page all about die casting. This means that the international trade fair for die casting onsite and online are merging even more closely.

Two people at EUROGUSS trade fair with the EUROGUSS 365 topics in the front The focus topics of EUROGUSS 365 are transformation of the drives, lightweight trend, sustainability and young professionals.

The new EUROGUSS 365 content hub replaces the SPOTLIGHTMETAL online platform, which has been run in cooperation with the Vogel Communications Group since 2018. The service is now directly integrated on the EUROGUSS website and perfectly links the content with the onsite events of the EUROGUSS Family. 

"At EUROGUSS 365, experts from the industry discuss market-relevant trends and international developments - 365 days a year," says Christopher Boss, Executive Director EUROGUSS. "In terms of the topics, we are strongly focused on the requirements of the industry." 

Background knowledge on the focus topics  

  • Transformation of Drives,
  • Lightweight Trend,
  • Sustainability and CO2-Neutrality as well as
  • Young Talent  

in the form of exciting interviews and well-founded technical articles are thus available from anywhere at any time. Interested readers will also find relevant information from the important die casting markets of China, India, Mexico and Southeast Asia.   

Discover EUROGUSS 365 now: www.euroguss.de/en/euroguss-365  

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