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Vision Systems for Quality Control and Process monitoring in Die Casting

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We offer

  • Optical component testing
  • Production control
  • Endoscopy
  • Thermal imaging
  • Defect and damage analysis
  • Quality analysis and documentation
  • Quality management systems
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  • Automotive Body / Structural Casting
  • Automotive Powertrain
  • Automotive Other
  • Automotive Chassis
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Via Tangenziale Ovest 27/c
25045 Castegnato (BS)

About us

Imago is an italian company specializing in the development of vision systems for in-line quality control and process monitoring in die casting. In line with the requirements of modern die-casting products, our cutting-edge control systems provide specific, objective, and documented quality checks.

Imago has designed three devices, intended for integration and interfacing within the die casting cell, to facilitate control at different stages: after Casting (Mhira3D), Trimming (Anglerfish), and Machining (Magpie).

The Mhira3D three-dimensional vision system is capable of swiftly and precisely verifying the integrity of each part, including its concealed areas. Simultaneously, the system generates a thermographic map, highlighting thermal variations, even in small regions of the component. This map facilitates the identification of defects such as broken pins, clogged lubrication nozzles, and more. Mhira3D represents the first device enabling simultaneous defect checks and thermographic control of the part.

Post-trimming, verifying the integrity of the part is crucial. Anglerfish conducts this 3D control, inspecting the flatness and regularity of the trimmed areas. It can detect material excesses or defects as small as 0.3 mm and identify any partial occlusions of the holes. Anglerfish prevents defects that typically become visible only after machining, reducing waste.

Machining can reveal defects that are not apparent before, such as porosities, which may lead to damages like broken edges or non-compliant burr residues. Magpie identifies porosities based on size, density, and distance. It also detects centesimal burrs in holes and on edges, ensuring their integrity and regularity. The system further checks surface finishing, the presence of cracks, breaks, and dents. This comprehensive end-of-line control ensures that only compliant parts are delivered to the customer.

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More characteristics

  • Quality assurance
  • Process development
  • Die casting products
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Product Picture Mhira3D - Casting processes control
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Mhira3D - Casting processes control

Product Picture Anglerfish - Post Trimming 3D integrity control
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Anglerfish - Post Trimming 3D integrity control



Alessandro Mancini

General Manager +39 0303660034

Zouhair El Youbi

Technical sales Manager +39 3404770855
Ing. Francesco

Ing. Francesco Magri

Head of R&D Computer Vision dept. +39 0303661526
Ing. Andrea

Ing. Andrea Piccinelli

Head of Software Development +39 0303661518
Ing. Chiara

Ing. Chiara Capretti

Mhira3D Project Manager +39 0303661524
Ing. Paolo

Ing. Paolo Guglielmini

Software Project Manager +39 0303661528
M. Sc. Matteo

M. Sc. Matteo Baldelli

Computer vision specialist +39 0303661525
Ing. Marta

Ing. Marta Scalco

Software Project Manager +39 0303661527
Ing. Andrea

Ing. Andrea Tiberti

Software Project Manager +39 0303661529

Daniele Viola

Technical Service Manager +39 0303661515

Giovanni Novaglio

Technical Service +39 0303661530



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Vision Systems for Quality Control in Die Casting | Thermal analysis at every shot | Real time broken pins and burrs alert | Porosity and end-of-line control of machined parts | Giga Part deformation | Dimensional controls