mega casting part in a car

Mega-casting - a design challenge?

Tesla is already doing it and Volvo is about to: they are revolutionizing the entire production of automobiles with the mega-casting process. For example, Tesla has cast the rear frame of its Model Y in aluminum die casting as a single, solid part. Previously, the component consisted of around 70 individual parts - now it is manufactured in one piece. The lightweight construction trend has arrived in the die-casting industry.
Volvo is also introducing aluminum die casting at its main plant in Torslanda, Sweden. From 2025, the rear parts of the floor structure of future generations of electric models will be produced there using the die-casting process. As with these two examples, huge die-casting machines have been moving into the plants of primarily car manufacturers for some time now, replacing entire production lines.
But what design challenges does mega-casting entail?

The forum, which is organized by the Euroguss trade fair together with the trade journal konstruktionspraxis, will get to the bottom of this question on 18 January 2024 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in the SpeakersCorner in Hall 9/9-550.

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