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CNC turning and milling




  • Mechanical processing of castings


  • Mechanical processing of castings
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Product information

CNC lathes are used to produce parts from bars when the cutting tool moves linearly and the workpiece rotates. During the turning process, materials such as metal or plastic are rotated by computer numerical control. CNC turning can be done outside or inside the workpiece to produce tubular components of various geometries.

CNC milling is a machining process that uses computer controls and rotating multi-point cutting tools to gradually remove material from the workpiece and produce a custom-made part according to the drawing. CNC milling uses horizontal or vertical milling machines, depending on the milling specifications and requirements.

We carry out CNC machining with YCM, HYUNDAI-KIA, NAKAMURA-TOME, EMCO TURN, HITACHI SEIKI, MORI SEIKI, HAAS turning and milling centres.

Customers can be sure that turning and milling operations will be produced in a professional and timely manner. CNC turning and milling is also greatly influenced by the qualifications and experience of the staff. At ABF LT these works are performed by highly qualified specialists who have vast work experience in the processing of the most complex products.

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