Second Executive Circle in July 2024: Together into the future of die casting with a network mindset
6/13/2024 EUROGUSS Family News

Second Executive Circle in July 2024: Together into the future of die casting with a network mindset

In times when successful collaboration and coopetition are increasingly determining future success, it is becoming even more important for an industry such as die casting to meet regularly to discuss strategic issues. After all, there are a number of fields of action on the table that need to be addressed together. The second EUROGUSS Executive Circle in Königstein on July 2-3 therefore not only offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with the most important personalities from the entire die casting value chain, but also the methodical and substantive space to take the next step forward together.

Round table discussion at the Executive Circle 2023

The future of the die casting industry lies in the Explorer Networks trend

In today's world, where innovations are developing at a rapid pace and global networking is setting new standards, the concept of “Explorer Networks” is becoming increasingly important. Especially in the die casting industry, an essential sector for the automotive industry and many other industries, these networks offer opportunities for growth and success.

Explorer Networks are networks of pioneers, thinkers and doers who are connected across industry and national borders. They use the collective intelligence of their members to share knowledge, experience and best practices. These networks accelerate innovation cycles and enable companies to react more quickly to new developments and bring them to market.

The European die casting industry faces the challenge of competing in an increasingly globalized and technology-driven market. The EUROGUSS Executive Circle, a network of leading companies in the casting industry, has recognized that a shared networking mindset is the key to success. By forming true Explorer Networks, EUROGUSS Executive Circle members can make the most of the enormous market potential and opportunities created by united action and synergies within the network. By gaining access to collective intelligence, companies can develop innovations faster and position them successfully on the market. 

The active promotion of the motivation of all members through targeted measures and incentives illustrates the advantages and added value of joint network participation. Participation in Explorer Networks provides access to the latest knowledge and technologies, which strengthens the innovative power and competitiveness of each member. Promoting a collective sense of identity, where each member sees themselves as an integral part of the network and contributes to the common goal, is central. By participating in Explorer Networks, members develop a strong sense of community and a clear understanding of their role within the network.

Sustainable and long-term cooperation that goes beyond short-term success is crucial. Explorer Networks enable continuous development and strengthening of the network through regular knowledge sharing and joint innovation projects. Each member is encouraged to invest in the network through personal commitment, active participation or financial support for individual projects.

Close cooperation and constant exchange promote commitment and the willingness to invest resources in joint projects. A culture of openness and trust, where information and resources are shared transparently and honest communication is encouraged, is essential. Explorer Networks are based on mutual trust and the transparent exchange of knowledge and experience. By sharing and distributing risks, the burden on individual members is minimized and the resilience of the network is strengthened. In Explorer Networks, companies can manage risks better and develop solutions together.

Another field of action of the EUROGUSS Executive Circle is close cooperation with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to optimize the entire value chain. Explorer Networks play a central role here, as they raise the exchange of knowledge and cooperation to a new level. Promoting joint development and innovation with OEMs enables tailor-made solutions that meet the specific requirements and expectations of customers. Explorer Networks offer a structured framework for co-creation projects.

Training and education programs that deepen internal knowledge and understanding of OEMs' needs and processes are essential. By participating in Explorer Networks, companies can learn from the experience of other members and expand their own knowledge. Long-term and stable relationships with OEMs, based on trust and continuous cooperation, are essential. Explorer Networks foster these relationships through regular exchanges and joint projects.

Systematic recording and analysis of OEMs' needs and expectations enables the development of customized solutions. Explorer Networks offer a platform for continuous exchange and adaptation to changing requirements. Ensuring the cost-effectiveness of solutions through cost-efficient production processes and competitive pricing is crucial. In Explorer Networks, companies can exchange best practices and jointly develop efficient solutions.

Another goal is to provide cast products of outstanding quality using the latest technologies. Explorer Networks promote the exchange of technological innovations and quality standards. The optimization of production processes to achieve the highest efficiency and shortest production times is supported by the cooperation in Explorer Networks. The development of flexible and multifunctional components that meet the different requirements of OEMs and offer a high level of functional integration is promoted by the joint innovation work in Explorer Networks.

Effective industry marketing is essential to fully communicate the benefits of Explorer Networks and the strengths of the die casting industry. This includes creating and communicating a consistent, modern image for the entire industry, updating and innovating in presentation and communication to present the industry as progressive and future-oriented, as well as strategic marketing measures to increase visibility and accessibility among target groups. The organization of customer events that involve the entire value chain and a joint approach to strengthen customer loyalty is just as important as the active approach and cooperation with political decision-makers to promote industry-relevant regulations and subsidies.

The integration of Explorer Networks into the strategy of the EUROGUSS Executive Circle offers immense opportunities for the European die casting industry. Through the exchange of knowledge and cooperation at the highest level, innovations can be developed more quickly and successfully positioned on the market. This not only strengthens competitiveness, but also the long-term resilience and success of the entire network. The die casting industry can thus further consolidate and expand its position as an indispensable partner to the automotive industry and other sectors.

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We therefore invite you to use this impetus for your own considerations and to actively participate in shaping the future of our industry. At the EUROGUSS Executive Circle, we want to work together on five identified fields of action and develop future plans for our industry. 
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