BMW Group continues to invest in German plant
4/25/2024 Company News News

BMW Group continues to invest in German plant

The BMW Group's Landshut plant is expanding its production capacities and extending the manufacturing of the central housing for the electric drive unit of the New Class. The automotive manufacturer is investing an additional 200 million euros for this purpose, bringing the total investment to around one billion euros at the German site since 2020.

BMW Group production: central housing of the 5th generation electric drive unit
About 500 million euros of this investment has been used for the plant’s expansion to cover electric mobility. The annual production capacity for the aluminum housings has increased by approximately 30 percent. In 2023, the Landshut plant produced around 3.6 million cast components among other things. Now, a new production hall is being constructed, spanning three levels.

Injector Casting on Two Lines

Future production will take place on two lines, covering an area of 12,000 square meters, using the Injector Casting process. This method ensures optimal mechanical properties of the cast part. The lower casting temperature reduces cycle time, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions, and requires fewer resources overall.

3D Printing for Complex Sand Cores

In addition to expanding production areas in the light metal foundry, the plant is investing in the production of its sand cores. These cores are used in six cylinder head variants for global engine production. Using a 3D printing process, the plant manufactures up to 4,500 units daily on 17 printers. The facility prints layer by layer using environmentally friendly, inorganic binder systems to form the sand core shapes.
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