3D printing turns waste into molds
3/26/2024 Sustainability & CO2 neutrality News

3D printing turns waste into molds

In an initial proof of concept, voxeljet and the Austrian start-up Parastruct have successfully tested the 3D printing of recyclable waste materials from the construction industry. The material tested was Ecomould, which was developed by Parastruct and consists of biogenic production waste and a mineral binder. Using binder jetting, molded parts could be produced from it.

Different materials in shape of little houses
Using 3D printing, unused mineral bulk materials from the construction industry and resources such as wood flour or sawdust are fed back into the value creation process. For companies, this offers potential savings by eliminating disposal costs and increasing profitability by reducing the use of resources. 

Sustainability goals can be implemented more easily, as Ecomould has a significantly lower CO2 footprint than conventionally manufactured sand-phenolic resin molds. The molds made from the new material can be shredded at the end of their service life and fed back into the 3D printer as particle material. A second use naturally reduces the CO2 footprint even further.
Piles of sawdust of wood 3D printing enables the reintroduction of unused mineral bulk materials from the construction sector, along with resources like wood flour or sawdust, into the value creation cycle.

Interested partners wanted

The material was tested on a voxeljet 3D printing system specially developed for research purposes. However, the company's binder jetting technology is also fundamentally suitable for processing Ecomould, as the company's 3D printers are open source systems whose printing parameters can be flexibly adapted to different material sets. 

Interested partners are currently being sought for the further development of the process, who want to jointly advance the transformation to a more sustainable construction industry in a possible funding project.
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