"Old, but not meaningless"
6/2/2023 Events News

"Old, but not meaningless"

The Aalen Foundry Colloquium took place again at the beginning of May 2023. Aalen University organises the event, which attracts experts, scientists, industry partners and students from the foundry sector every year. Over the course of two days, there were more than 15 expert lectures from industry and science, with exclusive content that is not otherwise shared with the public.

Some speakers at this year's Foundry Colloquium together with organiser Prof. Dr. Lothar Kallien (3rd from left): Dipl.-Ing. Denis Hopp, Dr. Katharina Faerber, Prof. Dr. Lothar Kallien, Dr. Klaus Sammer, Dipl.-Ing. Mirco Wöllenstein, Dr. Thomas Kopp (f.l.t.r.) Dipl.-Ing. Denis Hopp, Dr. Katharina Faerber, Prof. Dr. Lothar Kallien, Dr. Klaus Sammer, Dipl.-Ing. Mirco Wöllenstein, Dr. Thomas Kopp

The annual colloquium in Aalen serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and the latest developments in foundry technology and foundry research. It offers lectures from industry and science, the space for discussions on various topics related to the foundry industry and a table top exhibition.

From 4 to 5 May 2023, it was that time again: over 240 participants and 22 exhibitors were on site at the university in Aalen. "The technology is old, but not meaningless," said Lothar Kallien, professor and contact person for the foundry technology research field at Aalen University, at the opening. The importance became clear at the latest through the developments of aluminium die-casting at Tesla.


Exclusive content from industry and science

For two days, experts from the industry presented exclusive content that is not otherwise made available to the public. The programme included nine expert presentations from the industry with a total of eleven speakers. Among them were Klaus Sammer and Thomas Kopp from BMW AG, who spoke about intelligent lightweight construction using cast components. Here it is important to use the right material in the right place and in the right quantity. Micro Wöllenstein, Volkswagen AG, pleaded for more confidence in foundries, which is important for competitiveness in a complex world. Keyword: VUCA world.

Katharina Faerber and Denis Hopp from the Handtmann company spoke about how the use of secondary aluminium with a high recycled content significantly promotes climate-neutral production. Other topics from industry included, for example, alloys and sustainability, tandem casting of structural components, rheocasting, micro-spraying and gigacasting. Lastly, Aalen University presented current research topics on the coatability of zinc die casting and the production of hollow component structures by gas injection, as well as on sand cores in die casting, hybrid components and lightweight construction.
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