New Normal 2021: Will the Car Be Built in a New Way?
6/22/2021 Future Mobility News

New Normal 2021: Will the Car Be Built in a New Way?

It can be assumed that there will be significant changes in the production of vehicles as a result of the so-called mega-casting process. The American carmaker TESLA, for example, has invested in new casting machines. For example, the rear floor panel of the Model Y is to be made from just four components instead of 70. In the next stage of development, this floor panel is to be produced in just one shot.

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Effects of Mega Casting 

For OEMS, a successful establishment of mega casting will not only reduce the number of parts, but will also have a significant impact on assembly and logistics times. This could have a negative impact on the die casting foundries as traditional suppliers and reduce their numbers. However, individual suppliers could benefit insofar as they receive corresponding orders for the base plate components and invest in the corresponding technology. The decisive factor is whether the OEMs outsource these new parts after a start-up phase or outsource the entire production to a supplier or manufacture them in their own foundries. Suppliers who have previously carried out orders for the assembly of these components are likely to find themselves on the losing side. In addition, foundries are gaining market share at the expense of other manufacturing technologies

In the IKB webinar, the two proven experts Dr. Klaus Lellig, Managing Director Nemak Europe GmbH, and Prof. Christoph Wagener, Vice President R&D, Kirchhoff Automotive GmbH, spoke. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Büchner, IKB, kicked off the webinar by placing the new developments in manufacturing technology in the overall context of the disruptions taking place in the automotive industry and identifying the questions arising from these developments.



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