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thermostat housing


  • Aluminium die casting parts


  • Aluminium die casting parts
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Product information

Thermostat housing:Ⅰ. Most hot-selling models for the market;and widely ranges,from passenger car to business vehicle, from European (V.W.,Benz,BMW,Audi,Lada,Fiat,Iveco,Skoda,Citroen,Peugeot,Volvo,Opel) & American(Ford, Buick)cars to Japan(Toyota, Nissan,Mazda,Isuzu,Suzuki,Mitsubishi),Korean cars(Kia, Hyundai).

Ⅱ. Zero defect quality target, quality is strticly controlled from incoming to out-factory under IATF16949 system;

Ⅲ. Advanced test equipment under reasonable maintainence provides most comprehensive and precise test for thermostat housings leakage, durability and so on.

Ⅳ. Most cautious material-sourcing like Dupont,Lanxess controls quality from the very beginning, no recycle material.O-ring performance is also with high requirement and strictly control.

Ⅴ. Most accurate and overall final testing after assembly,make no worry for users.

Ⅵ.Per OE design,Qualified R&D team ensures advanced support for development,production,test and etc.

Ⅶ. Strong production ability and various leading production equipments including.

Ⅸ. SDZ is with strong capability of module design and manufacturing in-house.Since 2011, we develop more than 200 new models per greatly enlarge our products ranges.

Ⅹ. Highly-controlled thermostat housing and water outlets production lines ensures high-quality and stability of quality.

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